Building a "she" business in a "he" marketplace

There are many unique characteristics of older homes that I feel set them apart from today’s newer homes. In my opinion, the intricate architectural details on display in many old homes are far superior to those found in most homes built today.

When building a home, Jenny’s primary consideration is to determine the nuances of her clients’ lives and how they will live in each space. She also carefully considers the architectural style of the neighborhood.

“We build a product that works for the area and positively impacts the landscape, while still meeting the unique and individual needs of our clients,” she said.

Although Jenny builds for a diverse group of clients – from single people, to families, to empty nesters – she finds that she designs with women in mind.

“I know all of the things that women manage in a household on a daily basis, and that carries into my design work,” said Jenny. “I look for ways to make everyday household activities more efficient. You’ll see it in my consideration of storage space – layouts that work for moms and kids, nooks and crannies for children to store toys and/or arts and crafts, flexible laundry spaces, pet stations, etc. I think through how each person will live in the home and design accordingly. I love designing floor plans and building their homes, and I love creating the unique designs that will meet the individual lifestyle needs of each family member.”

Overall, in today’s market, Jenny says homeowners want features such as an open kitchen and family areas, media rooms, and homes designed with long-term planning in mind, including main floor masters. She has also noticed a trend toward smaller homes that are well designed and not oversized.

As an entrepreneur in the building industry, Jenny has not found it difficult to work and succeed in a male-dominated industry.

“I am a very determined individual and one who embraces challenges,” she said. “It’s not that hard for people to understand a woman in the business as long as she is a designer or works for a supplier, but it seems that people have a hard time wrapping their minds around a woman owner of a construction business, someone who can help you select your tile and discuss your foundation.”

When she launched her company in 2001, her goal was to make the home building process enjoyable for clients. That meant absorbing much of the stress experienced by homeowners during the design/build process herself. She’s often awake at nights, walking through construction sites in her mind.

“Being a homebuilder is a little like being a wedding planner,” said Jenny. “Emotions run deep. Everything has to go as smoothly and as organized as possible, and I take all my clients homes very personal. I do this by embracing one fundamental objective – creating a truly unique “home” for each and every client.

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