The new old wood: using reclaimed wood in your home

For me, character is felt rather than observed. When I walk in the front door of a home, the walls and flooring either emit character or they’re just standard framing with a few finish materials added to enhance their appearance.

Recreate old home character with reclaimed wood

Is it possible to add character to a home? Yes, it can be done with a generous infusion of reclaimed wood. Whether reclaimed from old barns, homes, or factories, reclaimed wood has decades and sometimes centuries of history etched into its beautiful grains and even visible on its surface at times.

Due to the growing demand for reclaimed wood used not only in the custom homes I build, but from other builders and homeowners alike, I recently launched a new enterprise called Plantation Reclaimed, which specializes in the reclamation of decades and occasionally century old wood, which can not only add warmth to any room in your home, but also infuses a space with a sense of history and charm that new materials lack. You may be surprised at all the places you can incorporate reclaimed wood into your home.

The reclaimed wood from Plantation Reclaimed can be used for flooring, interior trim, beams, doors, wall treatments, or pretty much anywhere in a home where you might consider using wood. If you’re concerned about protecting the environment, using reclaimed wood is the ultimate in recycling. You’re reusing material from trees that were cut down ages ago and saving it from ending up in the burn pile or landfill.

There’s a reclaimed wood for just about any application

Whether you’re looking for an elegant floor or an accent wall, there’s a reclaimed wood from Plantation Reclaimed that’s just right for your application. If you want wood that practically oozes character, choose reclaimed material that still displays the nail holes from its previous incarnation. Barn doors are also popping up all over the place. Their rustic simplicity can be incorporated into any design preference and living space. Unlike hinged doors, these sliding ones require and take up very little space. The doors are easily mounted on special hardware.

Reclaimed wood just might be able to add that missing character to your home and may become a foundation upon which your family can create its own memories. To discover how reclaimed, antique lumber from Plantation Reclaimed can be incorporated into your new home or remodeling project, or to learn about the Luxe Homes experience, you’re invited to call me today.