What Builds Character in a Home?

Chances are you'd answer that question by rattling off characteristics like hardwood floors, deep baseboards, and cheerful front porches, but those are just a small part of the total equation. They can't imbue a house with character any more than Prada shoes can make a boorish person elegant.

“Character is more of an overall feeling produced by a house – a combination of emotional and physiological responses to the surroundings,” said designer/builder Jenny Blalock.

In short, it's what makes a house feel like home.

"We know what home feels like, but we don't always know why, because most people can't define the source of that feeling,” said Jenny. “They don't know what to ask for when they're designing a new home or renovating an existing one, and too often they're disappointed with the results. In actuality, our response to a house is triggered by the way its designer shaped space, light, and order. We respond positively to certain features, such as spaces that are sheltered and repeated elements like shapes or colors, because our brains are wired to do so.”

The designers of many older homes incorporated those elements into their designs, which is why we tend to think of older homes as having character. Nevertheless, Jenny doesn't equate character with just age or style. Rather, she assists homeowners to incorporate and blend these characteristics into their own unique designs in order to create the feelings of comfort and belonging for their family members and guests.

“Unfortunately, many newer homes miss that mark,” said Jenny. "They just don't have any soul to them."

Homes became houses and started to lose their uniquenessAnchor and character when mass production reached the housing industry. Time became money, so easy-to-build rectangles and squares became the norm. Gone were elements like hand-crafted doors and cabinetry, generous use of windows, and interesting nooks.

Jenny believes that natural materials like reclaimed wood and stone give a house an authenticity that look-alikes can't match.

"They have their own life, and you sense them," she said. “They can transform the ordinary into extraordinary.”

Jenny’s specialty is helping you make your dream home a reality.

“Every custom built home should be a reflection of the unique needs of the family that will live there,” she said. “As families grow, they care more about function than form. They want a home that meets their needs and lifestyle.”

Jenny is there with you during each step of the process to help you refine your options that meet both your budget and your individual needs.

“Your home is an investment in your future and your family’s lifestyle, so you want it to meet your unique needs today, as well as 20 years from now,” she said.

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